High - pressure water injection pipeline lining project in northeastern

The project pipeline belongs to the high-sulfur gas field in the northeastern part of Sichuan Province Xuanhan Kaixian block gas field project internal gathering and transportation project. The sewage return pipe consists of two parts:

The first part is from the gas plant ~ F field gas field water injection pipeline, which GB271 ~ GB267 ~ C1 ~ C2 pipe section, GS042 ~ GF41-1 ~ GF38 ~ GS038 pipe section with the gas line with the ditch laying, see the cross-sectional view The In addition, the ancillary structures such as the "F-site and the main gas gathering section of the gas gathering station" are considered. The pipeline length is 10.224km long and 10.486km long. Pipeline crossing the road 16 times, medium-sized rivers through 1 times, small rivers and ditches 10 times. (With pipeline plan)

The second part of the return pipeline is from the "Y-contact to Huanglong 3 Well", the pipeline horizontal length of 3.140km, real length of 3.243km. Pipeline crossing the road 8 times, small river 1 times.

The third part increases the workload: 5km.

             Project: Northeast Sichuan high pressure water injection pipeline lining
             Owner: American Chevron Limited
             Design: China Petroleum Group Engineering Design Co., Ltd. Southwest Branch
             Construction: Shandong Kelin Ruier Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd


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