90 Total assets(Million)
60 registered capital(Million)

ShanDong Kelinruier Pipeline Engineering Co. Ltd is China’s  pipeline lining expert and petroleum technology service expert invested by China University of Petroleum (East China).

The company is Shandong Province high-tech enterprise with grade A qualification of anticorrosion thermal insulation construction of the Ministry of Construction and grade C qualification of municipal general engineering construction. It is a member of Underground Pipeline Management Technology Special Committee of the Ministry of Construction, China Society for Trenchless Technology, and Shandong Civil Engineering Association. Taking University of Petroleum as technical support, the company has established long-term tight cooperative relationships with many national laboratories. With a registered capital of RMB 60 million Yuan, the company has 151 employees in total, 38% of which have bachelor's degree or above, and over 30% of which are research personnel. The company was rated as “Patent Star Enterprise of Shandong Province”, “Quality Trustworthy Organization”, and “Enterprise with AA Credit”.

The company independently develops various advanced pipeline cleaning & lining technologies and special supporting equipment, and owns four invention patents and 17 utility model patents, among which, the “Online Pipeline Technology of Constant Diameter Compression High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe Insertion Repairing (O-Shape)”, as an achievement of the  Program for Tackling Key Problems in Science and Technology, passed the provincial technological achievement identification (No. 518 [2002]); and the detection range and detection effect of the pipeline inspection robots are in the domestic leading level. The Technology was specially covered by CCTV-1 Technology Review and CCTV-7 Spark Technology introduced with the titles of “Farewell to Zipper Road” and “Pipeline New Revolution”.

The “Online Pipeline Technology of Constant Diameter Compression High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe Insertion Repairing (O-Shape)” Technology applies modified PE materials to repair various pipes, including oil-gas mixed transportation pipes in petroleum and petrochemical industries, and steel pipes, cast iron pipes or cement pipes for municipal administration gas, water supply and drainage. The technology has the advantages of preventing secondary water supply pollution, reinforcing pipeline loading capacity and repairing pipelines with nonstop transportation, along with little excavation, long one-time construction distance, low construction cost, high quality and long service life, with its characteristics of environmental protection and energy conservation conforming to the requirement of social progress.

The “Online Pipeline Technology of Constant Diameter Compression High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe Insertion Repairing (O-Shape)” Technology has reached advanced level. The company that owns this technology in the country with the  size and market distribution all over the country. This technology can be widely applied for not only medium to high pressure long-distance pipelines with flowing mediums including crude oil, natural gas and mining fluids but also municipal draining and portable water pipelines. With this technology, pipelines can be reinforced and prevented from corrosion damages. All pipelines with diameters ranged from DN100 to DN1200 are applicable by using this technology. With particular patented steel-plastic coupling technology, pipelines are able to burden up to 35 Mpa pressure.

The company wins the trust of customers with its technology and professional service. After over 10 years’ development and advertising, the customers of Kelinruier spread all over the country , North to Daqing Oilfield on Songnen Plain ,South to Guangzhou city of Pearl River Delta South,West to the desert Gobi of Tarim Basin West, East to and the Shengli Oilfield and Dagang Oilfield on the coast of Bohai Sea . Kelinruier has also worked sincerely with foreign large companies, such as Kazakhstan PK Oil Company and Unocal East China Sea Ltd (The U.S Chevron Cooperation). The ChuanDongBei High Pressure Water Injection Pipeline Internal Lining project is designated to Kelinruier for construction; For Kazakhstan PK Oil Company Kumkol oil field high pressure water re-injection pipeline HDPE lining project and HPHT oil pipeline HDPE lining project, Kelinruier won the final bidding after party A considered thoroughly from both financial and technical aspects.

We have built the strong brand “Kelinruier” in the trenchless field with our technology and service.

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