Guangzhou Petrochemical Project

Guangzhou Petrochemical Project Description:
Refinery area DN800 cement pipes interspersing HDPE lining pipes project of a branch of Sinopec, overall length of 420 meters, started in December 2012, completed in January 2013. After completion and acceptance, project quality is qualified.

Iraq project

Installation of the HDPE Penetration Project in Iraq's Ahmedab Oilfield (under construction)

Project Overview:
1, the project location
Located in the Iraqi Tigris River and the Euphrates River alluvial plain agricultural area, higher than the sea level 20m. The field is located between NOMINA and KUT, about 180 kilometers southeast of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

2, pipeline profile
Fluid  material: water injection (with a strong corrosion component);  acceptance test pressure 13MPa; pipe material API 5L X52N seamless steel  pipe; joint type using high-pressure steel-plastic flange connection  device; the first year to repair the mini workload: The  length of the well is about 30km water injection pipeline; flange with  the US standard HG / T20615-2009 standard, CLASS1500 PN260.

Technology: Equal Diameter Compression High Density Polyethylene Pipe Interpenetration Repair Online Piping Technology (O-Type

Northeast Sichuan project

The project pipeline belongs to the high-sulfur gas field in the northeastern part of Sichuan Province Xuanhan Kaixian block gas field project internal gathering and transportation project. The sewage return pipe consists of two parts:

The first part is from the gas plant ~ F field gas field water injection pipeline, which GB271 ~ GB267 ~ C1 ~ C2 pipe section, GS042 ~ GF41-1 ~ GF38 ~ GS038 pipe section with the gas line with the ditch laying, see the cross-sectional view The In addition, the ancillary structures such as the "F-site and the main gas gathering section of the gas gathering station" are considered. The pipeline length is 10.224km long and 10.486km long. Pipeline crossing the road 16 times, medium-sized rivers through 1 times, small rivers and ditches 10 times. (With pipeline plan)

The second part of the return pipeline is from the "Y-contact to Huanglong 3 Well", the pipeline horizontal length of 3.140km, real length of 3.243km. Pipeline crossing the road 8 times, small river 1 times.

The third part increases the workload: 5km.

             Project: Northeast Sichuan high pressure water injection pipeline lining
             Owner: American Chevron Limited
             Design: China Petroleum Group Engineering Design Co., Ltd. Southwest Branch
             Construction: Shandong Kelin Ruier Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd

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