Yinzhou completed the successful completion of the pipeline through the broken pipe part of the pipeline network repair

Recently, Yinzhou urban management with broken pipe method, the successful completion of the Hubei Lake Road, part of the pipeline network was repaired, which is the first case in the province.

What is the law? According to reports, the process of the main use of broken pipe from the internal broken or split the original pipeline, the original pipe debris into the surrounding soil pipe formation, and simultaneously pulled into the new pipeline, so that the upgrading of the pipeline.

Compared to the use of traditional excavation to repair, broken tube method wonderful wonderful, high precision process, can expand the advantages of pipe. Do not dig a large area, as long as the digging of two small working pit for the placement of work equipment, the impact on the surrounding smaller. And the process, the construction period is generally 5 days or less, the efficiency is higher.

"Compared with the 'Band-Aid' type of repair method, the broken pipe method is more suitable in the large pipe network and more serious damage to the pipe network repair. Yinzhou urban management of the relevant personnel also introduced, they summed up the application of the law, plans in the city Large area of implementation.

And Hubei Lake Road due to the completion of a longer, road settlement, root invasion, pipe network aging and other issues lead to road pipe network rupture and out of touch. Road pipe network is more complex, traffic flow is also large, not suitable for large excavation, so consider using this new technology.


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